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10 Benefits of Using Online Wedding Invitations


With so many modern couples looking for ways to save money and simplify their wedding plans, it’s no surprise that more couples are turning to online wedding invitations. In fact, the number of couples who use digital wedding invitations is increasing every year.

If nostalgia and fear of the unknown have you on the fence about jumping on this trend, we’re here to let you know what you’re missing. Here are 10 benefits of using online wedding invitations and why they make managing your wedding easy.

1. Save Money

The most obvious reason that people choose to use online wedding invitations instead of paper invitation is because it saves you money. With paper invitations, you not only have to spend money on a unique design, you also have to shell out money for printing and posting.

In addition, once you add up all of the other invitations that you’ll need to pay for, including bridal shower invitations, save the date, and wedding rehearsal reminds, things start to look very costly. Using online invitations can easily save you hundreds.

2. No Room for Delivery Mistakes

Are you wondering if you actually remembered Aunt Bertha’s address? With online wedding invitations, you’ll never have to scramble trying to figure out who’s received your invitation and who didn’t due to human error or a mistake on the part of the post office.

When you send an email to the wrong email address, you get a response back right away letting you know that you made a mistake. With a mistyped postal address, you may never know what happened.

3. Faster Responses

If you’re planning a huge wedding or a destination wedding, you’ll need to know as soon as possible exactly who’s coming. With online wedding invitations, you won’t have to wait weeks for a response. In fact, your guests can RSVP within minutes of you sending out the invitations. How’s that for convenience!

4. Save Time

You shouldn’t have to hire a secretary in order to figure out who’s coming and who isn’t. With online wedding invitations, your invites can be designed and sent with just a few clicks. This allows you to get back to focusing on the stuff that’s actually important, like what you’re going to wear.

5. Help You Stay Organized

If you’re one of those people who regularly forgets where they’ve left the keys or even your phone, you really don’t want to add another hassle to your wedding planning problems by using paper invitations. Online wedding invitations will help you stay organized, allowing you store all of the information related to your guests in one place.

Additionally, paper invitations can easily get lost when there’s too much to do and too little time to do it in. Don’t risk losing track of your guests because you’ve lost their paper invitations.

6. Everyone Is Online

These days, nearly everyone is online. If you have older relatives and friends who aren’t, there’s probably someone who can help them with completing an easy to use online wedding invitation. The argument that you shouldn’t use online wedding invitations because a few people don’t use the internet is vastly overblown for most couples. Therefore, you shouldn’t overlook online wedding invitations as an easy way to simplify your wedding planning.

7. They’ll Look Just As Nice

Online wedding invitations don’t have to be boring or plain. In fact, they can be designed to incorporate your personality just as much as paper invitations. With many collections and designs to choose from at Wedivite, we have options you’ll surely love!

8. Updating Is a Breeze

If you need to make changes to your wedding invitations, you can change things in just a few clicks. Unlike paper invitations which will need to be reprinted, online wedding invitations ensure that you aren’t making a firm commitment to the design until you really have your wedding plans finalized.

9. Easy for Your Guests

If you want to create a Facebook event for your wedding to allow guests to comment and chat about your big day, all you need to do is just add a link. Other digital perks of using online invitations include the ability for guests to sync it to their personal online calendars and set reminders as the date approaches. If you have guests that are always on their smartphones, they’ll appreciate the fact that you’ve made your wedding plans easier for them to schedule into their busy lives.

10. More Features

Digital wedding invitations also offer a variety of features that paper invitations can’t provide for obvious reasons. If you choose to design your wedding invitations with Wedivite, you’ll find that we offer a ton of extra features for digital wedding invitations including:

  • Songs Suggestion: Guests can suggest songs for your wedding
  • Live Directions: Guests get directions to your wedding with Google Maps or Waze
  • Wedding Gifts: Guests can send you wedding gifts with PayPal
  • Guest Greetings: Guests can write and view greetings in your wedding book
  • Shared Wedding Album: Guests can share and view photos in your social wedding album
  • Seating Arrangements: Easily drag and drop guests onto tables and export to Microsoft Excel

So now that you see how easy and helpful it is to use online wedding invitations, you have many reasons to start using them now. When you’re ready to set up your wedding invitations, Wedivite can provide all of the help that you need to manage your guests.