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5 Ways to Up Your Table Decor Game


A lot of energy and detail goes into planning a wedding, but there is one aspect of your big day that can make or break the wow factor of your reception and that is your table decorations. Table decor plays a huge role in the overall appeal of your reception. It’s where your wedding theme comes together and the place your guests will spend most of their time. Which is why creating table decor that is on point is major!

So, we’ve come up with five ways to up your table decor game and impress not only your guests, but yourself with how perfect everything will look!

Step One: Ambiance

The character and atmosphere of your reception will play a huge part in the mood of the venue and will set the bar for the atmosphere your guests create. Aside from the guest list itself, ambiance is vital to the fun factor of the celebration and your table decor will play one of the largest roles in the ambiance department.

Make sure to have a clear vision when making decisions for your reception – specifically your table decorations so that the ambiance can speak for itself and you and your guests can enjoy the festivities properly. For example, candles in mismatched holders, delicate neutral decorations, and rustic plates will create a calm and laid-back vibe. Where roses, contrasting color schemes, and vases will make for a more formal and romantic setting.

Step Two: Aesthetic

Whatever style shows the way you appreciate beauty is all that matters when it comes to table aesthetic. If you like simple and delicate choose neutral colors and harmonize your decorations, maybe pick one part of each table that stands out. If your more eclectic design table decor that stands out. Mix matched mason jars or a funky color scheme will show off your unique style perfectly.

The aesthetic you are going for will impact the ambiance of your overall night – so, be diligent in your choices and go for it!

Step Three: Centerpieces

One of the keys to any dazzling table setting are the centerpieces. This is what the rest of your table decor will be stationed around and the piece that your guests will notice first. There are so many choices when it comes to your centerpieces – here are some of our favorite ideas:

  • A grandiose vase of flowers
  • Greenery table runners
  • Floating Candles
  • Decorative Lanterns

Be sure your centerpieces are proportionate to your table and compliment the rest of the decor. Also, never block the view of your guests.

Step Four: Place Settings

When it comes to place settings, it is important not to overwhelm your guests with too much and rather have a clean, crisp area in front of each chair as that is where they will be eating. If you do decide to jazz up the place settings, using stationary like menus or name cards is a great idea! Not only will these materials help guide your guests to their seats and offer insight into dinner plans it will look elegant and help put a final touch on everything.

Depending on the type of dinner you are serving full menus may not be required, but place cards are always a nice touch!

Step Five: Wedding Favors

The most fun part of your table decor, for the guests at least, are the wedding favors.

Make sure to match them to your theme, place them in a spot that guests will know they are the favors, and choose a gift that is appropriate for your specific personality and wedding style.

Don’t skimp on the wedding favors if your wedding is over the top and don’t feel the need to spend a fortune if your wedding is low-key. Your guests will be grateful and this detail won’t go unnoticed.

Ambiance, aesthetic, centerpieces, place settings, and wedding favors all play a role in bringing your table decor together. And if you do it right, your tables will look effortless, detailed to perfection, and most importantly they will be #weddinggoals!