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Bridal Beauty Appointments To Book Before the Wedding Day

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Here are the essential bridal beauty appointments to book before you say ‘I do!’. It is vital that the bride looks and feels her best on the wedding day. Wedding planning can be stressful and quickly takes a toll on the body and mind. Be sure to practice self-care to stay calm during wedding planning. Before you walk down the aisle, here are Wedivite’s recommended bridal beauty appointments to book before the wedding day.


Your skin should be glowing on your wedding day, so go see your dermatologist. No matter what skin type or issues you have, a dermatologist will ensure that your skin is on track to be the best it can be on your big day. If you have a specific skin issue like psoriasis, dry skin, or adult acne, ask your doctor to create the best skincare routine for you. Book this beauty appointment three to six months before the wedding to give your new skincare routine a chance to work.


With your smile being on full display on your wedding day, it is essential that you see your dentist. A deep clean and teeth whitening can work wonders and will have you smiling confidently in your wedding photos. Ensure that your fiancé does the same. Book this beauty appointment for the week before your wedding.

Hair Colorist

Have your hair looking amazing by visiting a hair colorist. If you plan to change your hair color, you need to start early so make this beauty appointment three to six months in advance. Take the time to talk to your colorist about your hair vision and how they can make your wedding day hair dreams come true.

Hair Stylist

With so many options for your wedding day hairstyle, it is essential to work with your stylist to create the perfect look. Visit your stylist a few months before the wedding day with any hair accessories and pictures of your dress to get an idea of what works well together. Once the brainstorming is out of the way, book a trial for the stylist to try the suggested style on your hair. The stylist will then recreate the perfect look for your wedding day.

Makeup Trial

Additionally, a brainstorming session followed by a trial with your makeup artist is significant. Read this for tips on achieving the wedding look of your dreams. It will take a few tries before your makeup artists gets it right so don’t be discouraged. Bring along your ideas, research and an open mind – sometimes what you see for yourself is not the best look for you. Be open to suggestions and let the professionals guide you in the perfect wedding look.


From exchanging rings to cutting the cake, your hands will be a focal point on your wedding day. Make sure everybody’s hands in the bridal party are looking great and book an appointment with a manicurist. It’s best to book right before the wedding. Make it a celebration for everyone in the wedding party to come to. It’s a great bonding experience!

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