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Awesome Bridesmaid Proposal Gifts That All Your Besties Will Love

bridesmaid proposal gifts

Bridesmaid proposal gifts are a creative and fun way to ask your besties to stand up at the altar with you on the biggest day of your life. Your bridesmaids are a huge help during the wedding planning process, and there’s no better way to ask them than with a sweet bridesmaid proposal gift. Your best girlfriends have been through makeups and breakups with you. They’ve probably helped find your prince charming and celebrated with you when you got engaged! So why shouldn’t they be by your side as bridesmaids on your wedding day? Before you ask them to choose a dress and plan your bridal shower, ask them to be part of your bride tribe with one of these sweet bridesmaid proposal gift ideas.

Whether you ask with a beautiful card or at a dinner party, add a gift to make the moment extra exciting.  No matter who your bridesmaids are, here some bridesmaid proposal ideas that they will love.

Bridesmaid Bracelet

bridesmaid proposal gifts

Ask your besties to be in your wedding with these bridesmaid bracelets. From floral prints to “I can’t tie the knot without you”, these bracelets are a creative way to show your ladies how much they mean to you. They can wear them throughout the planning process and on the big day. Whether you plan to have one, four, six, or however many bridesmaids, these bracelets can be purchased in bulk to save money and add elegance for you to pop the question.

Champagne Glass

bridesmaid proposal gifts

Undoubtedly, wedding planning over brunch and champagne drinking go hand in hand! So why not ask your besties to be your bridesmaids with personalized champagne glasses. Engrave your bridesmaid’s name, the date of your wedding, or the word ‘bridesmaid’ on each glass to add a personal touch.

Tote Bag

bridesmaid proposal gifts

Tote bags are such a versatile gift, especially for your bridesmaids. From their planners to a bottle of champagne, fill it with a few things your bridesmaids may need along this journey with you. If you are having a destination wedding, you can add a pair of flip-flops and some sunblock. These tote bags come in a floral design, has an inside pocket, and comes with a favor bag.

Kimono Robe

bridesmaid proposal gifts
A chic and comfy kimono robe is a perfect way to ask someone to be in your wedding. It’s ideal for a girls night in after a long day of bridesmaids duties. It can be worn after the bachelorette party or when getting hair and makeup done on the wedding day. Choose from a variety of colors or a stunning floral design. Customize each robe with the bridesmaid’s name to add a personal touch.

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