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Budget-Friendly Engagement Party Themes (To Host At Any Location!) by Wedivite


Budget-friendly engagement party themes seem impossible to find, but Wedivite is here for you! Engagement parties were traditionally seen as a lavish celebration that not everyone can afford. But over the past few years, engagement parties have become increasingly popular. Don’t scrap the idea of having an engagement party altogether if the cost of it seems overwhelming. Throw the engagement party of your dreams (without spending a fortune!) with these 6 unique and budget-friendly engagement party themes.

Throw An Intimate Picnic In The Park for A Budget-Friendly Engagement Party

Hosting an intimate picnic in the park is a great way to throw a budget-friendly engagement party. For a more relaxed affair, invite only your closest friends and family to either a local park or your own backyard. Set the scene with checkered blankets for your guests and wicker baskets filled with meats, cheeses, and fruit. Keep it simple with paper plates and use charcuterie boards for passing the food between guests.

Your guests will love the laid-back feel to your engagement party, and parents of small children are sure to appreciate the location!

Host A Classy Wine Tasting Soiree for A Budget- Friendly Engagement Party

A classy wine tasting engagement party may be more affordable than you think. For a wine tasting engagement party, you have two options. The first is that you and your guests head to the vineyards where you go for a wine tasting. This option will provide you with a beautiful setting, access to plenty of wine and a bigger venue. You can also buy a few bottles (or cases) of wine and cheese platters for guests to enjoy throughout the day. The second option is a DIY wine tasting that you can do at home. Buy a variety of wines and enjoy them with guests in the comfort of your own home. Have snacks like cold meats, cheese, and fruit on hand that guests can enjoy. Charceuterie boards are an elegant way to serve cost effective food at any wedding celebration.

A Laid-Back Beach Bum Gathering Makes A Great Budget-Friendly Engagement Party

If the sun is out why not hit the beach for your engagement party? Celebrate with all your friends and family in the sand and water. Pack some towels, beach games and refreshing treats like fruit and drinks to keep guests fed and entertained. Another perk to using this theme is that you and your fiancé can catch a tan for your engagement photo shoot!

Don’t forget your special bridal outfit for this event-like a white sarong or mermaid headpieces for your flower girls and bridesmaids.

“Let’s Taco Bout Love” Engagement Fiesta

Mark this special moment in your life with a fun “let’s taco bout love” fiesta. Go for bright and bold colors. Deck out your home with festive, multicolored balloons, lanterns and rosettes, and hire a mariachi band to serenade guests. Make your life easier and set up a taco bar filled with meat, vegetables, salsa and guacamole where guests can help themselves throughout the party. 

There are so many fun centerpiece ideas to use with this budget-friendly engagement party theme. For an easy idea, align a table with a serape table runner and place these cute cactus candles to set the mood!

Cactus Candles For Table Centerpieces
Give your guests a unique wedding favor they’ll love; a cactus bottle opener

A Cupcake & Champagne Celebration Theme

There’s no better way to celebrate an engagement than with a few glasses of champagne. Add a few cupcakes to the mix, and your guests will be smiling. Order or bake a variety of cupcakes along with some mini fruit tarts, petits fours and savory treats (for those who don’t have a sweet tooth). Don’t forget to include some coffee, tea, and juice. A champagne and cupcake engagement party can be held almost anywhere but is perfect for a lush backyard, beautiful deck or quiet park.

A Backyard BBQ Bash

Who doesn’t love a backyard BBQ?! Throw a budget-friendly engagement party buy hosting a BBQ in your backyard. Keep it classy and opt for a few simple flower arrangements, string lights, and white table cloths. To eat, we’d suggest burgers and hot dogs with a variety of sides like mac and cheese, corn on the cob and potato salad. And to drink, serve cold beers in buckets of ice, fruity cocktails in Mason jars and pitchers filled with ice tea and lemonade.

Looking for more unique budget-friendly engagement party themes? Check out this list of ideas!

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