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8 Extremely Simple Ways To Elevate Your Wedding Decor

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No matter the size of your budget, there are extremely simple ways to elevate your wedding decor with ease. Whether your wedding will be held in a church, barn, theater, backyard, cathedral, or an event venue, your wedding decor helps to integrate your wedding theme with the venue. No matter where it is. Add some of your own unique personality to the details of the wedding through elements like the place cards, table settings and centerpieces, cake table, and the gift table. Here’s how to leave your guests in awe with these simple ways to elevate your wedding decor.

Add Touches Of Gold Throughout The Details

wedding decor

From the cutlery to the candleholders, add a few touches of gold to your table setting. At your wedding reception, the table settings and centerpieces are a wedding decor staple and help the whole wedding theme come together. Gold adds a beautiful deep tone to the table and looks great under candlelight. You can add touches of gold to your table setting through the following items:

Set The Mood With Candles

Speaking of candlelight, be sure to add this romantic lighting to your wedding venue, even if you have to use fake candles! Candles make for a romantic mood and beautiful lighting. Candles go along with any wedding theme. Add various sized candles to a few of the tables (including the cake and gift table), and complement it with some uplighting and luxe fabrics. Purchase candles at various sizes here:

For Wedding Decor With A Natural Look: Embrace Wood

If you can, opt for wooden tables and chairs rather than plastic ones. This way, you won’t have to worry about covering the tables and chairs up with white linen. Having the exposed wood will add a fantastic look to your wedding reception venue, whether it’s indoors or out. Is an outdoor wedding right for you?

To Add Some Personality To Your Reception, Display Unique Place Cards

No matter what the theme of your wedding decor, ensure that it extends to your place cards too. Keep it beautiful with stunning calligraphy and fun with a quirky cardholder. Here are a few that you can purchase:

Click on any of the above items to purchase.

Use Colored Glassware As Wedding Decor For Any Theme

Whether pink champagne glasses or blue water glasses, add some colored glassware to the table. The bright glasses will add an instant pop of color to the table setting. Here are a few to choose from:

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Bold Table Runners Transform Even The Simplest Wedding Decor Into A Stunning Event

Save some money by dumping the big floral centerpieces and replace them with smaller vases that span the length of a bright, patterned runner. A few that you can purchase are below:

Hang Paper Lanterns To Add Whimsy To Your Wedding Decor

Add some whimsy to your wedding and hang some paper lanterns for a beautiful touch. To save money, reuse the paper lanterns for each wedding celebration; the bridal shower, engagement party, bachelorette party, or anything else. A white paper lantern is a versatile wedding decoration that you can use more than once. No one will notice! Whether white or multicolored, adding more than 50 will really catch every guest’s eye and leave them in awe.

Add More Greenery To Your Wedding Decor To Transform Any Venue

Add hints of greenery throughout the whole venue to complement your wedding flowers. Decorate with flowers throughout every inch of the venue to really transform the location into something stunning. From dusty miller and ferns to eucalyptus and lemon leaf, there are several options for whatever look you’re going for. Greenery with a few blooms in-between will add some color and look amazing.

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