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6 Incredible Fall Wedding Trends


Like most things in life, wedding trends change like the seasons do. From the cake to the decor, fall weddings are no exception. There are some beautiful fall wedding trends that you might want to add to your big day. So if you’re getting married in the next few months, here are the fall wedding trends that never go out of style.


Every season there is a new ‘it’ color taking weddings by storm. For any fall wedding, the colors of the season are a range of plum and burgundy hues. Even though pastels and neutrals are the most popular color palettes all year round, for fall plum and burgundy hues add a rich, seasonal touch to your wedding. You can add these colors to your wedding through your flowers and the groomsmen’s and ring bearer suits.


This season cakes have gone from extravagant to simple. Forget the fondant designs and multi layers and opt for something a little more humble. When deciding on a cake for your fall wedding, think about a textured look dressed with a bunch of fresh, seasonal flowers. Even though the beautiful naked cake is still a huge trend, the latest trend to hit is the translucent cake. The naked cake left the frosting off completely, where the translucent cake has a thin layer of icing adding a sweet element to the cake.


Cooler weather means the bride and her bridesmaids need to rethink their dress choices. The trend for this season is long sleeves and comfortable layers. More brides are opting for two-piece separates rather than a dress as this allows them to pair cozy cashmere sweaters with their full-length, luxe skirts. Another trend taking the wedding scene by storm is the bride having a second dress for their reception. The second dress is often something a little bit more fun which allows them to dance the night away.


The well-manicured flower arrangements are a thing of the past with freshly picked, wild looking flowers now on-trend. From your bouquet to the tabletop arrangements, more leafy and green plants are being used like succulents, eucalyptus, and acacia. Additionally, pops of colors are also added with seasonal berries.

Reception Decor

No matter how big or small your reception venue is, you can elevate it with this fall wedding trend. Take advantage of all the space the room has to offer from ceiling to floor with beautiful tabletop decor. Bring the outdoors inside with beautiful leafy branches or go for something a bit more formal with long stem candles or tea light candles in risen holders.


One of the best things about a fall wedding is the seasonal food – which is also right on-trend. From pumpkin pies to apple ciders, use what this incredible season has to offer and feed your guests with their fall favorites. Another food trend is having food stations like a dessert bar, coffee stand, and a cocktail station.