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Food to Serve at a Wedding Reception (That Won’t Break the Bank!)

budget catering ideas

Good Food at A Wedding Reception Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive

The biggest expense when it comes to wedding planning is finding the perfect food to serve at a wedding reception. There’s nothing worse than horrible food at a wedding, but not everyone has the budget to pull off a flawless three-course meal. From canapés to desserts, one of the most significant expenses of your wedding is catering. Plan the perfect wedding menu with these Wedivite tips. Feeding your guests does not have to break the bank! With these seven budget catering ideas, you’ll fill your guests’ bellies with delicious food on your wedding day, and still have money leftover for the honeymoon.

Set Up A Grazing Table For Budget-Friendly Food To Serve At A Wedding Reception

budget catering ideas

While you’re off taking some incredible wedding photographs, keep your guests occupied with some live music and a grazing table. Replace serving fancy canapés and allow guests to help themselves at the grazing table. Fill them with a variety of cheeses, crackers, fresh fruit and cured meats. Everything can be store-bought and beautifully arranged on platters to share. On top of that, shared platters are a great way to make a large wedding feel intimate.

Enjoy Chips & Salsa At The Wedding Reception

chips & salsa are an economical way to serve food at your wedding reception

If a grazing table is out of your budget, an alternative is a salsa and chips bar. It’s something that you or your family can prepare at home and serve at the wedding. Add plenty of homemade salsa, guacamole, and your favorite chips. It will definitely be a crowd pleaser!

Get Your Guests Talking During The Wedding Reception With Shared Platters

shared platters are an excellent budget wedding food idea

Instead of a buffet, opt for shared platters! Buffets and sit-down menus are often more expensive. Not only will it save money, your guests can avoid standing in line to wait for a buffet. Friends and family can interact while passing the shared platters. There’s nothing better than your loved ones gathered around tables, talking and enjoying your wedding. Shared platters seem expensive, but they can actually be a less expensive food option to serve at a wedding reception.

Liven Up The Party With A Good Barbecue

barbecue is an inexpensive food to serve at a wedding reception

Everyone loves a good barbecue, so serve this delicious food at your wedding reception! It does not have to be a backyard barbecue with plastic cups and paper plates. Make it classy with the objects below. Treat your guests to pulled pork, juicy chicken and ribs served with tasty sides like salad, roasted veggies, and potato salad. Make kebabs for the kids and macaroni and cheese. This food to serve at a wedding reception is easy on the wallet, yet pleases your guests’ appetites.

Serve Good Food At Your Wedding Reception With Spanish Paella

serve Spanish Paella for an inexpensive food to serve at a wedding reception

For a unique dining experience, serve Spanish Paella. Caters will prepare an authentic paella right in front of your guests, which is quite a spectacle. The aromas will get everyone’s mouth watering, and it will be a fresh, yummy and inexpensive food to serve at a wedding reception.

Serve Burgers & Fries As A Budget-Friendly Option

serve burgers & fries at your wedding reception

Weddings are often known to serve fancy food, but why not give your guests a comfort food like burgers and fries? With so many topping options, set up various food stations where guests can DIY burgers. Don’t forget to add vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options.

Get An Ice Cream Truck For Dessert

ice cream truck at a wedding reception

Everyone loves ice cream, so why not serve your guests this delicious treat? Save money by passing on the expensive wedding cake and serve America’s favorite treat instead. Just make sure your venue doesn’t have an extra fee for not using their in-house catering service. Find out other hidden wedding costs you should ask about here. Ask your local ice cream truck to pull up at your wedding and serve your guests their favorite icy treat. Perfect for an outdoor wedding, this is one food to serve at a wedding reception that will get your guests talking for years to come.

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