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Groomsmen Gift Ideas To Say “Thank You”


From the bachelors’ party, rehearsal dinner and suit fittings, your groomsmen are by your side throughout your entire wedding planning process and wedding day. Be sure to thank them with something special! No matter the budget, here are some awesome groomsmen gift ideas that you can get the special men in your life.

Groomsmen Gift Ideas For Something To Wear At The Wedding

Before you start stressing, here are a few gift ideas that the groomsmen can wear on the wedding day:

  • Cufflinks – A pair of cufflinks is a lovely gift for the groomsmen. It is something that you can have personalized and match it to their suits. They can even continue to wear them after the wedding.
  • Leather Belt – Another groomsmen gift idea is a high-quality leather belt. It will not only unify the details of the groomsmen look, but it will also be something that they can keep for years to come.
  • Watch – If you’re looking for something special and expensive, consider buying each of your groomsmen a watch. Spend some time picking out a watch that matches each groomsmen’s personality or pick out the same watch for all the groomsmen. Keep it modern with watches made of leather and stainless steel.
  • Sunglasses – If you’re on a budget, get your groomsmen a pair of sunglasses. A slick, black wayfarer shaped Raybans is always a great option and suits almost any facial shape.
  • Socks – Over the last few years, the trend of unique socks for groomsmen has become more popular. It is also an inexpensive groomsmen gift that suits any age.

Groomsmen Gift Ideas For Something To Take Home

After all their hard work and support before and during your wedding, get your groomsmen something special to enjoy at home or something they can use in the days after your wedding. Here are a few gift ideas for your groomsmen to enjoy after your big day:

  • Leather Cardholder – Even though this might be on the pricey side, getting your groomsmen a leather cardholder is an amazing gift. You can add a personal touch by personalizing it with their initials or the date of your wedding.
  • Grooming Kit – A grooming kit is a gift that keeps giving – especially for groomsmen. Give them their grooming kit before your big day so that they can look photo ready. You can buy a grooming kit prepackaged or DIY it with beard oils, razors, shaving cream and body wash.
  • Beer or Whiskey Glasses – For the boys nights and after work drinks, buy your groomsmen a nice set of beer or whiskey glasses (depending on what the individual groomsmen. Use them before the ceremony to cheers in the big day.
  • Barbecue Set – There’s nothing like a BBQ with your closest friends! To encourage more backyard BBQs after the wedding, gift your groomsmen with a BBQ set. Ensure that the set is filled with all the right tools for hosting a BBQ.