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The Ultimate Guide to Groomsmen Gifts


Groomsmen normally put a lot of time and money into your wedding. As the groom, it’s only right to give your groomsmen gifts to show appreciation for their solid help on your special day and of course, for all the years they had your back.

With factors such as practicality, sentiment, and price, choosing the right gifts for your best buddies can be a challenging task. Through this guide, we aim to help grooms-to-be choose the perfect gift for their bros.

Why You Should Give

From helping out wedding guests and renting tuxedos to organizing the bachelor party and ensuring that you have a great time, your groomsmen play a huge role in the events before and on your big day. It’s important to show how grateful you are for them, and what better way to say thank you for giving them awesome gifts.

How Much To Spend

How much you spend depends on your financial situation and where you’re at in life. Most grooms spend an average of 36$ for groomsmen gifts. If you’re fresh out of college, consider something a little cheaper. If you’re a bit older and financial factors aren’t a strain, then shelling out more would be appropriate to do. You can always go with free digital invitations, and use the money saved for the gifts.

When to Give

Time and place should also be considered when giving gifts. Usually, they are given on the day of the wedding. If the gifts are something that can be used for the reception, like a bottle opener or fancy cufflinks, the rehearsal dinner would be a great time to distribute them.

What to Give

It’s best to give something you think they would definitely use. If you and your buddies like spirits, why not get them an elegant decanter? Or if it’s beer you guys enjoy, how about something that comes along with their favorite brew? Be creative, but don’t get something too crazy and impractical. You don’t want to see it used once and stashed away in a box forever.

  • Make It Personal

Groomsmen gifts also serve as mementos of your bachelor life. It is a testament to the amazing times you’ve had as buddies. Whether it is engraved wooden watches or gunmetal flasks with their initials, giving your groomsmen personalized gifts is a great way to showcase your bond as bros.

  • Put Some Thought Into It

You chose your groomsmen so it’s safe to assume that you know their likes and dislikes. Don’t get them an intricately designed pipe if you know they wouldn’t be using it. Consider something that you all have a shared interest in whether it is a sport you all enjoy playing or a reminder of a video game you all bonded over.

  • Give an Experience

A gift doesn’t mean it has to be tangible. If you think sharing an experience would be a great way to show your appreciation for them, then go for it. Perhaps you can get them tickets to a premiere sporting event or rent out classic muscle cars and burn some rubber for the day. Providing them with a memorable experience also makes for a great gift.

Most people say it’s the thought that counts, but that doesn’t mean you should simply buy the first thing you find. Finding the perfect gift for your friends will show them how much their help and presence on your big day means to you.