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How to Be a Good Bridesmaid: What the Bride Needs From You

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Whether this is your first time being a bridesmaid or the 20th, you may be asking yourself, “How can I be a good bridesmaid?”. Being included in a bridal party entails plenty of duties that bridesmaids are responsible for. For example, going dress shopping or helping to label envelopes, planning the bachelorette party, and cleaning up after the bridal shower are all well-known bridesmaid duties. But if you really want to go above and beyond and be the best bridesmaid, here is a breakdown of the unspoken duties that your bride will thank you for taking care of! After all, planning a wedding is extremely stressful and it’s easy for the bride to overlook her own needs. That is why you are here! So here’s a breakdown of how to be a good bridesmaid and make the bride’s life a whole lot easier.

Be a Good Bridesmaid and Listen to the Bride!

With all the stress and anxiety the bride-to-be is going through, it is essential that you be a really, really good friend to her. If you weren’t a trusted friend of the bride-to-be, she wouldn’t have asked you to be a bridesmaid. Now is the time to let your best friend qualities shine, especially your listening skills. Sure, the bride-to-be probably vents to the groom about the wedding details, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t also need one of her closest friends! A good bridesmaid listens to any venting and ranting that the bride-to-be will most probably need to do. Always be ready with a bottle of wine and a listening ear. It is one of the most important and unspoken bridesmaid duties.

For The Bride: Remember that your bridesmaids are not your therapists. First and foremost, they are your friends! Make sure you check in with your bridesmaids.

Help with Unexpected Wedding-Related Tasks

Not all bridesmaid duties are choosing a dress and shoes, but sometimes you’ll need to do some more tedious tasks. And if you happen to be the maid-of-honor, read up on your maid of honor duties. Some of these more unexpected tasks include the following. Picking ups and drop offs of wedding related things while the bride is preoccupied – invitations, flower girl dress, all of the bride’s attire, the wedding cake, flowers, decor, and gift bags. Accompany the bride-to-be to fittings, shopping, and tastings. Be an extra pair of hands for pre-wedding events, and complying invitations, gift bags and decor.

For The Bride: Remember that your bridesmaids are not your personal assistants so be kind to them and make sure you’re still a friend.

Keep The Bride Calm

As a bridesmaid, you need to try to keep the bride as cool as a cucumber once the wedding day arrives. It’s not uncommon for brides to get emotionally overwhelmed. It’s your job to deal with a few things that may stress her out. From dealing with vendors (wedding coordinator, photographer, floral designer, etc.) to answering guests questions, the more you can deal with the big day, the better for the bride.

For The Bride: Allow your bridesmaids to take charge of your wedding day. Yes, it’s your special day, but don’t sweat the small stuff that other people can deal with.

Be a Good Bridesmaid and Always Have Snacks!

From the bachelorette party to the wedding day, always have snacks for the bride. It’s your job to ensure that the bride eats, drinks, and breathes throughout pre-wedding events and especially on the big day. Have a basket of snacks that include fruit and nut bars, trail mix, pretzels, cookies, and plenty of water. Avoid sugary drinks, foods that stain, or greasy food. Most brides are so busy and nervous on the morning of the wedding that they forget to eat or drink enough water to stay hydrated. Keep the bride fed and nourished so she doesn’t pass out during the ceremony and go viral on Youtube like poor Meredith.