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How to Plan The Perfect Wedding Menu & Please All Guests’ Taste Buds

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Plan the Perfect Wedding Menu with Wedivite’s Tips for Pleasing A Crowd

Whether you decide on a sit-down menu, family style, or buffet, use this guide to plan the perfect wedding menu and leave all your guests in awe. The reception meal is the first that you share with your new spouse, surrounded by those you love the most. So plan the perfect wedding menu and relax that all of your guests will be impressed! The food should reflect the day’s delicious flavors. It’s no easy task to plan the perfect wedding menu, so here are some Wedivite tips to help you along.

Choose The Right Caterer

One of the hardest choices you’ll make is choosing the right caterer. Before making any major decisions, read the online reviews on Google, Yelp, or Facebook. Ask these questions when interviewing potential caterers:

  • Are they licensed?
  • Do they have wedding experience?
  • Can they handle the number of people on your guest list?
  • Do they offer creative add-ons like BBQ, food stations, food trucks?
  • Can they achieve what you need?
  • Do they offer a food tasting?

Wedivite Tip: If you’ve already booked the venue, ask if they allow outside caterers. Another important question to ask is if they have cleanup, set up, or overtime fees. These are just a few of the hidden wedding costs that you should definitely ask about.

Think Seasonal Flavors to Plan the Perfect Wedding Menu

No matter what season you decide to get married in, there is a flavor to match it.

  • Summer: Light foods like fresh grilled seafood or chicken with delicious salads and an assortment of ice cream for dessert.
  • Spring: Fresh foods like young vegetables, tender meats, and zesty lemon desserts.
  • Fall: Hearty foods that embrace the seasonal colors like butternut soup, pot roast, and pumpkin pie.
  • Winter: Comfort foods like gnocchi, pot pie, and sticky toffee pudding.

Wedivite Tip: Good food at a wedding reception doesn’t have to be expensive. Think outside the box with grazing tables, shared platters, and barbecue foods to plan the perfect wedding menu. Stick to the budget while feeding a crowd with this guide to wedding reception food that doesn’t break the bank!

Add A Hint of Your Heritage

If your ancestry is important to you, add elements of your heritage into your wedding through the food you serve. Whether it is tamales from Mexico, spanakopita from Greece, tempura from Japan, dim sum from China or churros from Spain, adding a dish, canapé or dessert that embraces your culture and heritage an amazing nod to those who came before you. 

Add A Personal Touch to Plan the Perfect Wedding Menu

Once your menu has been laid out, its time to add a few personal touches. From late night food stations with your favorite junk food to serving grilled cheese, mini egg rolls, and popcorn shrimp as canapés, there is something truly special that represents you. Another way to add a personal touch is to serve dishes that tell a story, like a meal that you had on your first date or your favorite dish a couple.

Wedivite Tip: For dessert, choose something sweet that goes a long with the main dish. Not everyone has to have a traditional wedding cake! But if your sweet tooth has been craving a perfect wedding cake, check out these classic wedding cake trends that stand the test of time.

Have A Food Tasting

Most importantly, food tastings are essential! If a caterer does not offer a tasting, find a new caterer – don’t spend thousands of dollars on something that you can’t try beforehand. A lot of brides make the mistake of not asking for a food tasting- see what other mistakes brides make here. Take your time with a tasting and enjoy the experience while paying attention to the quality of the food and presentation. Take note of the food’s temperature, texture and how yummy each dish is. At the end of the meal, ask yourself if it meets your expectations. A menu will not be perfect the first time so don’t be afraid to try something new and ask the caterer for recommendations. 

Wedivite Tip: Once you have the plan for the perfect wedding menu, keep planning your decor and color scheme! Check out these wedding theme ideas that will leave your guests in awe.

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