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New Age Wedding Invitation Trend – Should you adopt it?


There are so many ways to get creative with your wedding invitations – go old school with a traditional look, send digital invites or e-vites, create something spectacular from a boutique or high-end print designer, or get artistic and make handmade invitations. Of course those ideas only scratch the surface, but you get the point. There are endless options when it comes to your special day – starting with your wedding stationery.

Options are nice, but sometimes they can be overwhelming. So, why not mix a little bit of everything together and create unique, budget-friendly, new age wedding invitations like clear wedding invitations. Clear wedding invitations are the perfect choice because they can fit every bride’s style, every wedding theme, and every season. If you haven’t seen clear wedding invitations yet you are in for a treat! They are new, they are modern, and they are the upcoming new age trend.

What makes clear wedding invitations so great? Let’s find out!

Fresh New Design – They are made of a clear vinyl card stock and printed with beautiful bright white ink. Clear wedding invites are much easier to handle and cheaper to mail than the thick acrylic invites you may be familiar with. They are light-weight and super chic!

Easy to Make – Customizations are a breeze! Easily change font style, wording, and names until you have a completely personalized look. Order a custom sample before purchasing your order in full to make sure your wedding suite is exactly what you’ve been dreaming of and then receive your order in as little as five business days.

Sure to Stand Out – You want to stand out when it comes to your wedding and ordering clear wedding invites is the way to do it! You can get super creative with these by adding colored paper as a background or even adding some greenery or glitter behind your clear invite for a gorgeous and ultra-creative detail.

Now it’s time to get real and talk about the PRO’s and CON’s of adopting this new trend. What’s so great about clear wedding invites and what doesn’t quite match up to traditional paper wedding invitations?


  1. Clear invites are fresh and unique which will give your invitations an edge and provide a one-of-a-kind experience for everyone who receives them.
  1. They are scratch resistant.
  1. Offered in two styles – frosted and clear. The frosted option gives the appearance of vellum, with a soft frosted look while our clear choice is completely transparent.


  1. There aren’t as many online customization options available. Font style and wording can still be changed, but white ink is the only color option currently available.
  1. A permanent marker must be used in order to respond to rsvp cards. Pen, pencil, and dry erase markers will only disappear on touch and potentially damage the integrity of the invite.
  1. Although clear invitations are scratch resistance they are not completely scratch proof. If this is a concern go with the frosted look.

Overall, clear wedding invitations are a solid choice and mostly recommended by the pros. They are modern and chic while still delivering that authentic and classic snail mail wedding invitation suite experience. Every one of your guests will love hanging your save the date or invite up on their fridge and it will certainly stand out against the rest.
You will love the way your new age wedding invitations turn out and everyone will be asking about them. Clear wedding invites are light-weight, chic, and affordable. Get ahead of the current trends and create a wedding invitation suite that is so dreamy you may even have to send one to yourself! So the question remains… should you adopt this trend? We say, absolutely!