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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet To The Perfect Outdoor Wedding

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If you’re having an outdoor wedding this summer, you’ve probably already thought about how it will be a picturesque event on a sunny, blue-sky day. However, what you are not thinking about is how hot it might be outside, whether it will rain or if the bugs will attack the food, ruining your perfect wedding cake. There are many pros and cons to an outdoor wedding. If you want to have a successful outdoor wedding, you need to know how to plan for all of the things that could go wrong. Here are 12 tips to help you plan a perfect outdoor wedding.

Choose A Location With Indoor & Outdoor Options

As you choose a location for the ceremony or ceremony, select a location that offers both indoor and outdoor party areas. And if this is the perfect change to have a beautiful backyard wedding, then muster your Father Of The Bride decor skills and get to work. If you choose an outdoor wedding with an indoor option, guests can hide if bad weather becomes an issue.

In addition, indoor areas are important to have if you have older or pregnant wedding guests who may not be able to sit outside in the heat for long periods of time. By giving guests a choice, you’ll make everyone happy.

Make Sure There Is Plenty Of Water Available

On a hot day, your guests will love having fresh, cold water available to them throughout the event. So make sure that you plan ahead to ensure that champagne isn’t the only beverage! If your wedding will be more casual, order some cases of bottled water to keep near the buffet or bar.

Protect Your Look

If your ceremony will take place outdoors, you want to make sure that your look will hold up for the wedding photos. Make sure that you wear waterproof makeup that won’t come off as you sweat. Keep extra hairspray, pins and hair ties available so that you can fix your hair if it is too humid to keep your hairstyle in the perfect position. As the bride, you should also skip the train for your wedding dress because it will only collect dirt and grass stains as you walk around outdoors.

Plan To Keep The Flowers Fresh

On a hot day, your wedding flowers are likely to fade fast. And flowers are expensive, so you want them to last as long as possible! Before your wedding flowers arrive, make sure that you ask your floral designer to place all bouquets upright in containers with the cut stems exposed to a few centimeters of water so that you can ensure that the flowers are still in good condition. You may also want to keep the flowers in the refrigerator and wait until it is time for the ceremony to take them out. Decorate every inch of the venue!

Choose Foods That Are Less Likely To Spoil

If your wedding reception will take place outdoors, stick to summer menu items to ensure that the food won’t spoil before it is eaten. Make sure that there is plenty of ice available to keep seafood, fruits and vegetables cold.

Keep The Bugs Out

If you want your food to stay bug-free, make sure that there are covers for every serving dish. Keep plenty of citronella candles around, as well. For an easier solution, consider hiring an exterminator to fumigate the area 48 hours before the ceremony.

Order Generators

If the outdoor site where you will host your wedding does not have electricity, make sure that you order the appropriate number of generators to take care of the lighting, any kitchen appliances, and amps and speakers. Have an electrician review your site in order to determine exactly what is needed for the event.

Decide On The Right Chairs

If you will have guests seated on the grass, make sure that the chairs that you use for the tables will be comfortable to sit in by ensuring that the legs of the chair won’t dig into the grass. In addition, you should also add seat cushions if you use metal or plastic chairs that could get quite hot if left out in the sun. Make sure that you have extra chairs on hand so that there are always enough seats.

Set Up High Traffic Areas

If there are no paths where your guests will be, make sure that you set up high traffic areas that designated areas for guests to walk on. Not only will you avoid creating muddy, soil-filled trails by putting down coverage over these areas, you’ll also make it known where it is appropriate for guests to walk.

Wind-Proof Your Outdoor Venue

If the wind is an issue, you may want to select plants that are heartier for the table settings to ensure that they don’t blow away. Avoid using lightweight tableware and other decorative items that can easily blow away or ignite a fire.

Keep The Extra Costs Of A Remote Outdoor Venue In Mind

If the location for your event is remote, there may be extra costs in mind that you haven’t considered. The caterer may add on additional delivery fees to cover the extra costs of transporting and maintaining the food outdoors.

Consider An All-Inclusive Venue

If taking care of all of these details seems too time-consuming or expensive, you may want to consider an all-inclusive venue, such as a winery or beach resort instead. They will be able to take care of the details on your behalf so that all you have to worry about is enjoying your big day.

While these are just a few tips to help you plan your outdoor wedding, preparation is key to ensuring that everything goes smoothly. Make sure to hire a wedding planner that has experience in putting together outdoor weddings for the best results.