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Backyard Wedding Planning Checklist: Get Started With Wedivite

Wedivite's backyard wedding planning checklist is all you need to get started on planning your dream wedding in the comfort of your...

Advice From A Wedding Cake Decorator to Get The Best Wedding...

Advice from a Wedding Cake Decorator Before you choose your wedding cake, here is Wedivite's advice from...

Get Festive With These Incredible Christmas Wedding Ideas

With the smell of pine in the air, picturesque snowscapes and fire heated rooms, Christmas is one of the most magical times of the...

DIY Photo Booth

Engaging & simple! Looking for a great free digital wedding album for your guests? use Wedivite!

Groom Cold Feet Protection DIY

The ultimate gift for your groom ;)

Wedding DIY Toothpick Toppers

Are you a fan of cake and small things? great! because here is a free template to make your own cupcake toothpick toppers. Click here...