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Add Your Personality To Your Wedding With These Simple Wedivite Ideas

With weddings, everything can be as unique as the couple getting married. From personalized engagement rings to out-of-the-box wedding favors, there are...

Interview With Wedding Hair And Makeup Artist

Meet wedding hair and makeup artist Dominique Rochelle Pettway, owner of Salon Rochelle. Her love for the beauty industry started as a little girl...

Awesome Bridesmaid Proposal Gifts That All Your Besties Will Love

Bridesmaid proposal gifts are a creative and fun way to ask your besties to stand up at the altar with you on...

6 Unexpected Wedding Ideas That Will Leave Your Guests In Awe

What makes a wedding memorable are the unexpected moments and small gestures that make an everlasting impact. Whether you are having a whimsical garden...

Reusable Wedding Decor For Your Engagement Party & Wedding

Save precious time and money with this reusable wedding decor for your engagement party and wedding. No one will even notice! From...

Plan A Green Wedding: Wedivite’s Environmentally Friendly Wedding Tips

Planning a green wedding or an environmentally friendly wedding isn’t just the hip thing to do. Saving resources in an industry that consumes billions of dollars every year can seriously add up when we look at the environmental impact. Just think of the mountain of disposable paper and plastic that is normally consumed at a single wedding, and you will be happy that you decided to use these tips to make a difference.