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10 Wedding Favors That Your Guests Will Actually Use

Wedding favors are a great way to show your guests that you appreciate their support and can help them to remember this special day. However, many times the wedding favors are treated as an afterthought in the rush to complete all of the important tasks before the wedding.

Plan A Green Wedding: Wedivite’s Environmentally Friendly Wedding Tips

Planning a green wedding or an environmentally friendly wedding isn’t just the hip thing to do. Saving resources in an industry that consumes billions of dollars every year can seriously add up when we look at the environmental impact. Just think of the mountain of disposable paper and plastic that is normally consumed at a single wedding, and you will be happy that you decided to use these tips to make a difference.

15 Of The Best Award-Winning Wedding Photos 2015

Although we are sure your wedding album is going to be beautiful (and original, and breath taking and exceptionally unique), there's a slight chance...

Groom Cold Feet Protection DIY

The ultimate gift for your groom ;)

Top Wedding Movies to Binge Watch This Weekend (Vote for Your...

Wondering what to do this weekend? Invite the girls over and binge watch these wedding movies to get inspired to plan your...