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The Ultimate Wedding Trend Roundup

wedding trend roundup

We’re seeing a lot of exciting wedding trends this year that we can’t wait to tell you about. Gone are the days of traditional sit-down meals and all-white weddings – wedding trends in 2018 are about embracing your quirks and passions – like food or gin – and making the most of the weather and technology. Read on to find out more about 2018’s ultimate wedding trends.

Color Has Made A Comeback

Maybe it’s just the summer sun that’s getting us excited, but all-white weddings, pastel, and neutrals have been usurped and bold colors for your wedding are BACK! Think corals, greens and peaches and aqua. All of these are versatile enough for a summer or winter wedding so add a splash color into your big day! Go colorful with your flowers, decorations, and bridesmaids dresses… the possibilities are endless and beautiful and rainbow. We’re excited already.

Creative Catering

The 2018 trend for wedding food is out with the old and in with the new! Think FUN – forget those stuffy sit-down 4-course meals with chicken for your main and mints for after. Oh no. We’re talking seriously exciting food here: food trucks, hog roasts, doughnut stalls, ice cream vans…

The most important thing is to choose food that you’ll enjoy – something that expresses your individuality and suits your style and your theme. If you pick your fave food and serve it up to your guests, they’ll love the meaning behind it and they’ll love the great flavors too.

Get A Gin Bar

Gin has gradually been making it’s sweet, sweet way back to us over the last decade, and now the gin craze has well and truly exploded. If you’re a gin lover, we say embrace this love wholeheartedly and get your own gin bar. Offer a range of exciting gins, tonics and cocktails mixers – perfect for a sunny day wedding. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even have your own DIY gin bar, where guests can get interactive and mix their own gin-based cocktails.

Or if gin isn’t your thing (we’re not judging… much), why not have a signature cocktail bar? These have been getting more popular in the last few years – have one cocktail to honor the bride and one to honor the groom, maybe with a chalkboard explanation about your fave tipple or how you met over two cosmopolitans.

Traditional Wedding Cake Alternatives

Wedding cake trends in 2018 are going two ways: either fun takes on the classic tiered cake (think colorful drip cakes, macaron toppings, vibrant colors and sparkles) or sacking off this classic option completely and going wildly off-road in wedding cake land. Think stacked doughnuts or churros stands, a cookie and milk bar, or even a cheese replacement. A tiered cake made from cheese is an alternative we love if you’re more into your savory than sweet; it looks great, can still be cut for the photos, and you can layer with different cheeses – with crackers and french stick on the side – to keep all of your guests happy.

Quirky Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are an essential part of any wedding day – they’re your chance to say thank you to your guests by giving them a small token of your gratitude. 2017 is seeing a trend in wedding favors getting fun and easier to organize while still staying personal and meaningful.

There are plenty of websites out there to help you organize and personalize your wedding favors with quirky ideas like personalized sunglasses for sunny outdoor weddings, classy decorations, and cute containers to put your homemade gifts in like chocolates or cakes. So say it with a wedding favor and show your guests how much you appreciate them without having to blow your budget or spend all of your waking hours painstakingly crafting 200 decoupage gift boxes or making your own teacup candles. One less thing to worry about, which means more time shortlisting the gins you’d like at your gin bar…

Get Techy With It

It wouldn’t be 2018 without incorporating technology into your wedding and using it to your advantage. The beauty of the internet is that it’s made it so much easier to coordinate your big day, research your theme and even invite your guests (double win here by making your invites fun and interactive as well as cutting printing/making costs).

A trend which was pretty big in 2017 and is growing even bigger in 2018 is the custom couple hashtag. This is a must for your wedding: a perfect way of hyping up your big day and collecting all of the awesome photos on Facebook and Instagram. Have some fun making your own unique couple hashtag and make sure your guests know about it on the day by putting up cute hashtag signage, social media chalkboards or even decorating napkins… Live-streaming the ceremony is also growing more popular this year, and for the Snapchat generation, custom geo filters are the hottest tech trend for weddings. Embrace your inner #millennial and get involved.

Are you planning a wedding in 2018 or have you had yours already? Would you follow any of these trends or do you prefer a more traditional-style wedding? Let us know what you think in the comments below.