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Tips and Ideas on Personalizing your Engagement Rings


If you want a ring as unique as your relationship, why not have it personalized? Not only does personalizing engagement rings make it distinct from others, it also shows a bit of your creativity. There are so many personalization options when it comes to engagement rings and contrary to other people’s belief, personalizing an engagement ring can come cheaper. In this article, we’ll explore some of the many ways to make your ring one of a kind.

  • Engrave Your Ring

Whether it is your initials, a date that has a special meaning for both of you, or a meaningful phrase, engraving an engagement ring is one of the best ways to add a personal touch to it; it makes the ring unique and sentimental. As for where they should go, engravings are put on the inside of the band, but it’s also possible to put it on the ring’s exterior depending on its style.

  • Select Your Style and Setting

There are different types of ring styles and setting, and choosing one yourself helps personalize the ring. Some rings have a solitaire design that features a single diamond, while others have a three-stone setting. Some are vintage, while some are modern. You should find one that best suits your taste or the one wearing it.

  • Choose a Colored Diamond or Gemstone

Selecting a particular diamond or gem for an engagement ring is another way of personalizing it. You can opt for the center stone to be a gemstone instead of the classic colorless diamond. This is one of the most popular customization because a gemstone can be personalized in many ways such as your birthstone, favourite color, personality or meaning.

If not, you can also choose the gem stone representing the month you had your first date, first kiss or any other memorable moment.  You can also choose to surround the center gemstone with multiple little diamonds to accent it. Gemstones like sapphires and rubies are also a cheaper than diamonds making them great alternatives.

  • Be Particular with the Metal

The ring’s band color is one of the more noticed aspects of the engagement ring, and the type of metal is usually the one that gives it that quality. Yellow gold has a classic feel to it, while white metals like platinum, palladium and white gold have an elegant touch. Rose gold and two-tone options are starting to get more and more popular, and are a great way to personalize your ring.

  • Leave Room for More Customization

Your engagement ring doesn’t have to stay the same even after the proposal. You can have it designed in a way where it has room for more customization in the future with your trusted jewelry store. You can leave a space for it to be engraved after five years of marriage or you can add a small diamond or gemstone on the side to represent a special event. The more you build up on it as the years go by, the more unique it would be.

Personalizing engagement ring can be really fun. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t thought of what to do yet as it also gives you more options as to what your end product will look like. Just think about the resources jewelers have as wholesalers.  Most especially, personalizing your ring can also be a great way to bond with your partner by getting to know more about each other or reminiscing cherished memories.