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Unexpected Wedding Flower Ideas to Decorate Every Inch of the Venue

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Wow Your Guests With These Unexpected Wedding Flower Ideas

Most couples make sure to have flowers on every table and in the bride’s hands, but is that really all they’re good for? Use flowers to add an ethereal, earthy vibe to any part of your special day with Wedivite’s unexpected wedding flower ideas.

Whether you hire a florist or choose to make DIY floral bouquets, save some leftover flowers for these unexpected wedding flower ideas. There are a lot of ways to unexpectedly impress your guests, but a multitude of fresh flowers is sure to do the trick! To save extra money, be sure to give your flowers the proper care and treatment so they last as long as possible.

Make A Floral Backdrop Photo Wall

A photo booth or photo wall is a wonderful way to get your guests excited about your wedding. But most rental photo booths are as plain as can be! Bring some fresh new life (literally) into your photo backdrops by making a flower wall with your wedding colors. Or, buy a printed floral wall online.

Line The Aisles With Hanging Florals

Wedding Flowers

Most couples want their wedding day to feel like a fantasy that’s come to life. There is nothing is more fanciful or romantic than an aisle beautifully lined with hanging florals. Create a truly magical reception atmosphere by hanging flower bunches from the light fixtures on the ceiling. Ask the venue first, of course! Hanging florals are bound to awe every one of your guests.

Offer Guests A Signature Cocktail With Stunning Edible Flowers

Signature drinks have been a popular idea for quite some time. Create a drink with your favorite flavors and share it with all your guests. It’s a lot of fun, especially if you give it a cute and clever name. To really tie the signature cocktail with your theme, garnish it with an edible flower! It’s an elegant way to dress up your drink. Similarly, top your wedding cake with florals or scatter them on the cake table.

Walk Down A Floral Aisle

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Apart from the bouquets and centerpieces, the aisle is the one place where flowers rule at a traditional wedding. Typically, a cute little flower girl will walk down the aisle and throw petals for the bride to walk upon. But it’s time to up the floral ante! Instead of a cloth aisle with a few scattered petals, why not make the entire aisle out of your favorite buds? There’s nothing like a petal blanketed aisle to really add drama to the bride’s grand entrance — but keep the flower girl for good measure (because your niece is really excited about it).

And Lastly, For An Unexpected Wedding Flower Idea, Wear Floral Crowns

(And Get One For The Dog, Too!)

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In conclusion, a good old-fashioned flower crown is always a good floral idea. Stun your guests and get one for the dog, too! Some brides say that a floral crown for the flower girl is one of the most forgotten-about essential items of the day. But since the up-and-coming wedding trend is having your dog be the flower boy/girl, don’t forget to spruce up Fido for the Big Day!

Flowers add elegance, romance, and color to your wedding day. Don’t be afraid to get creative with these unexpected wedding flower ideas. There’s no right or wrong way to use them!