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Advice From A Wedding Cake Decorator to Get The Best Wedding Cake

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Advice from a Wedding Cake Decorator

Before you choose your wedding cake, here is Wedivite’s advice from a wedding cake decorator. 

Meet cake decorator Toni Scott – owner of Toni’s Freshly Baked (Cape Town, South Africa). Discovering her passion for both baking and business at a young age, Toni was baking banana muffins and selling them to neighbors at the age of five. Fast forward 20 years later, and today she owns and runs a thriving home business making specialty cakes for birthdays and weddings.

Like most cake decorators, her vocation to cake art wasn’t a straight path. Starting as a hobby , she baked for friends and family while her newborn baby slept. She went on to make 1 to 2 small buttercream cakes a week, charging a pittance for her cakes. But with a growing party planning and wedding industry and the help of social media, her home business grew to what it is today.

From wedding cake trends to advice for brides-to-be, Toni gives us insight into her world as a cake decorator.

wedding cake decorator

What is the perfect flavor and topping for a wedding cake?

I’m not sure that the perfect cake and topping exists, as wedding cakes are very personal. I have, however, noticed that younger couples tend to lean towards flavors like red velvet and chocolate, whereas more mature couples prefer flavors like carrot or lemon. I will admit to having a preference for carrot cake for weddings as it is a more sturdy, moist cake that holds well especially in tiered cakes.

Do you have a favorite wedding cake trend?

At the moment, my favorite wedding cake trend is modern cakes with fresh flowers and touches of metallic. Semi-naked cakes, which have been around for a couple of years, still seem to be holding strong. I do like the semi-naked cake as it is not too heavily laden with frosting, making it very light to eat. Classic fondant tiered wedding cakes do still have my heart though – they will stand the test of time and be seen at weddings for decades to come.

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wedding cake decorator

What has been your favorite wedding cake you’ve baked?

My favorite cakes are small, simple cakes that had clean lines, sharp edges and a whole lot of romance.

Advice From a Wedding Cake Decorator to the Bride-To-Be

My best advice to any bridal couple when booking your wedding cake is to start with proper planning and do your research from the ground up. Other than that, here are my tips specifically for wedding cakes:

  1. Have a good idea of what you want for your wedding cake – design, size, flavor, and color. Design, size, and flavor are essential for a cake quote.
  2. Start following local cake decorators on social media and find the best of the best. Look for cake decorators who not only have consistent posts of great work, but also reviews from happy customers. Setup a wedding consultation. If they don’t offer one-on-one consults, order a small box of cupcakes so you know what to expect regarding flavor and texture. The last thing you want on your big day is for your guests to have a slice of tasteless cake.

Additionally, know your budget for the wedding cake. Be realistic about what you can and can’t afford. An experienced cake decorator, whether home-based or not, prices their end product accordingly. If your dream is to have a five-tier beautiful fondant cake, then be prepared to pay for it. Smaller-tiered cakes can make a statement on their own, especially if the perfect wedding menu you select includes dessert. Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to wedding cakes. 

My last bit of advice is never to forget to cut the cake! Once the cake has been cut, the groom will feed his bride, and then the bride feeds her groom. This ritual symbolizes their commitment to provide for each other and contains the meaning of good luck and fortune.

Visit Toni’s Freshly Baked website, Instagram and Facebook to see more of her work.

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