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Wedding Cake Trends That Will Never Go Out Of Style

Wedding cake trends

One of the traditional highlights of a wedding is the cutting of the cake. Everyone gathers around and takes in this sweet moment (pun intended). So it is important that you ensure that your cake is a showstopper – both in look and taste. To ensure that you pick the perfect cake, here is a breakdown of wedding cake trends that have stood the test of time and will never go out of style.

Keep It Classic With A White Cake

A white, royal icing cake with white piping details is not only classic, but traditional too. Since the 1840s, white royal icing has graced cakes at weddings including at the nuptials Queen Victoria and Prince Albert of the United Kingdom. To add a modern twist, avoid the fruitcake and go something like a vanilla sponge, mud cake, red velvet or carrot cake.

Layer Your Cake

Everyone likes a one-tier cake, but they love a multilayer cake! Multilayered cakes have through the years transformed from having pillars to having each layer stacked directly on each other. But one thing that has not changed is the allure of multilayered cake. No matter what type, design or theme of the cake you choose, make sure it is a layered cake.

Cute Cake Toppers

From the 1950s, cake toppers have been an ongoing wedding cake trend that has evolved into a wonderful tradition. As trends and times have evolved so has the classic store-bought bride and groom toppers. Today, you can get handmade toppers which represent you a couple either your personality or physically.

Add Beautiful Flowers

Floral arrangements can be used as more than just centerpieces or decor; add them on the cake! Whether you choose fresh flowers to match your decor and bouquet, crafted silk flowers or edible ones, add flowers to your wedding cake for a more romantic feeling. Flowers can be added to the top, base, or the sides of the cake.

Get Personal

Your wedding tells the love story of you and your fiance. Continue that story by personalizing your cake. Add a creative or personal touch through cake toppers, monograms, piping, banner designs, and bold brush strokes. Add the skyline of the city you fell in love in, or the place you got engaged, or landmarks of places you’ve traveled to together – it is completely up to you!

Include Your Theme

Whether you’re having a rustic barnyard or whimsical garden wedding, you can add your theme to your cake. Even though a detailed white cake is beautiful, you can add touches of your decor color or flowers that are part of your centerpieces.

Let your cake stand the test of time with one of these wedding cake trends.