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Wedding Etiquette Rules For Future Brides and Grooms


Wedding Etiquette Rules for Before, During, and After the Wedding Day

Wedding etiquette rules are still relevant in today’s weddings. Even though traditional weddings are not as popular as they once were, there is still something to learn from the wedding etiquette rules of the past. Bring some of the old traditions into your wedding day and welcome your guests with these traditional wedding etiquette rules. Although our free digital invitations are not very traditional, we have the wedding etiquette rules to help your wedding run smoothly. Here’s what is important to note for future brides and grooms:

Wedding Etiquette Rules When It Comes To The Guest List

Your budget will limit the number of people to invite to your wedding. Start by building a list of who you must invite, who you should invite, and who you could invite. Get the wedding guest list started by sitting down with your fiance. Invite family and close friends first, and then check to see if the budget and venue has extra room for distant relatives and coworkers. It’s important to book the venue as soon as possible, because you don’t want to end up inviting too many people to a venue that doesn’t have enough room for them! One common mistake that many brides make is having a guest list that’s unrealistic. If you have too many people to invite and not enough budget to stretch, use your new knowledge in wedding etiquette rules and make the tough call on who to cut from the wedding guest list.

On another note, decide early on whether or not children will be invited to the wedding. It’s important to note that this decision is entirely up to you & your fiance. Wedding etiquette rules state to be courteous and let invited guests know on the invitation whether or not they can bring their little ones. There’s a tasteful way to say that children aren’t invited to the wedding. If you need assistance, check out Wedivite’s wedding invitation wording samples.

Announce Your Engagement In Person To People You Are Close With

When you are first engaged be sure to call your parents and close family members before posting on social media. It’s common courtesy.

Show Off Your Ring On Social Media…it’s Wedding Etiquette!

Don’t hesitate to post pictures of your wedding ring on social media. Everyone will want to see it up close and personal! Read up on the anatomy of an engagement ring so you can share all the ring details with your friends and family.

Don’t Compare

Don’t make a friend’s wedding a prerequisite for your own wedding. Trying to meet up with a friend’s standard will only make you go overboard. Stick to your own budget.

Treat The Bridesmaids With Respect

Instead of Bridezilla, be Bridechilla! Nobody likes a Bridezilla, anyways. Just because you’re getting married, it does not give you permission to be rude or demanding to your best friends. Don’t be bossy to your bridesmaids! Listen to their input, and ask them for their help. Your bridal party is there to love and support you, so you need to do the same for them. Here’s everything you can expect from a good bridesmaid, and the bridesmaid duties that you can put your maid of honor in charge of.

Furthermore, in wedding etiquette rules, a modern way to say ‘thank you’ to your bridal party is though keepsake gifts for your bridesmaids. And yes, the groomsmen can get in on it, too! Here is a comprehensive list of unique groomsmen gifts that will definitely make them laugh & feel appreciated. There are no hard-and-fast rules when it comes to choosing what gift to give the groomsmen. You don’t have to spend a fortune, just give them a little something to say ‘thank you’.

Rules for Gift Registry Etiquette

Register for your gifts on Amazon. Easily select gifts in every price range and guests can jump online and send one straight to your home, if they can’t make it to the wedding. Don’t be concerned about registering for too many gifts! Guests will appreciate having plenty of items to select from. On another note, in today’s world, it is totally acceptable to list “gift cards welcome” on your registry. Wedivite’s digital wedding invitations have a ‘gift through PayPal’ feature that brides who are planning destination weddings love to use. This way, guests who can’t come to the wedding have an easy way to still send a gift. Create your Amazon Wedding Registry here.

The Wedding Etiquette Rule That Stands The Test of Time…Send out Thank You Notes Promptly!

Once you receive gifts, keep a detailed list of who sent them and write thank you notes within 30 days after your wedding. This is a must in wedding etiquette! Write your guests a thank you note for attending your wedding, and include a fun selfie of the happy couple from the honeymoon.

These are just a few of the wedding etiquette rules that are still relevant for couples to know.

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