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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Wedding Hair And Makeup

Wedding hair and makeup

On your wedding day, you want to look like the best version of yourself. You are meant to look and feel like a princess so make sure nothing takes that away from you. Avoid having a beauty blunder on the most important day of your life with these dos and don’ts of wedding hair and makeup.


Use A Professional

Avoid all the stress of doing your hair and makeup yourself or letting an amateur friend do it by hiring a professional. Professional hair stylists and makeup artists don’t only know what products will last throughout your wedding day, but also know what translate well in photographs. If your budget is tight, remember that some professionals do both wedding hair and makeup and may offer you a better rate for their services.

Have A Trial

For both your wedding hair and makeup, it is essential that you have a trial no more than 5 weeks before your big day. For your makeup trial, make sure you wear a t-shirt that is a similar color to your dress, as well as inform your make-up artist if your plan on using a fake tan.

Bring References To Trial

Whether it is cut out from a wedding magazine or printouts from Pinterest, bring along references of hair and makeup to your trial. Your references can be anything from the way a celebrity wore their hair on a red carpet or makeup look from a social media influencer. These will also help the professionals get a better idea of what you want.

Be Open To Suggestions

Even though you might want cascading curls or a dark smoky eye, professionals are often full of suggestions for hairstyles and makeup looks. Remember that during your trial, you have the freedom to try something that you may not usually go for – you might be pleasantly surprised and love the look!

Wear A Button Down Shirt Or Dress

The last thing you want to do is pull a t-shirt or jumper over your head with a full face of makeup and beautiful hairdo. By wearing a button down shirt or dress, you will completely avoid this problem when getting into your wedding dress.


Let The Hair Stylist Or Makeup Artist Hijack Your Look

Hiring a professional to do your wedding hair and makeup should put you at ease, and not have you stressing that they won’t follow your vision. Yes, suggestions are always welcome but don’t allow the professional to completely take over and forget about what you want. You might end up with a look that you hate! This situation can be avoided if a trial is done beforehand so the professional comes in on your wedding day with clear vision.

Follow The Latest Trends

Yes, beauty bloggers may be plastering on the highlighter or adding glitter to their hair, but these ideas might not be the best idea for your wedding day. Remember that your wedding photographs will be around for the rest of life so avoid any trendy, statement looks that may not be ‘in’ next year. Rather go for something classic!

Don’t Rush

Time can quickly run away from you on your wedding day so start your hair and makeup early. Start with your hair first as hot styling tools might cause perspiration followed by your makeup. Give yourself between 45 minutes and an hour for hair and makeup respectively.