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Wedding Planning with Google Spreadsheets to Save You Time & Money


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Simplify your wedding planning with Google spreadsheets. It’s free, customizable, and keeps track of every intricate detail. Your wedding day is one of the biggest events you will ever plan. Use this free wedding tool to help make the big decisions and document every wedding day detail.

Wedding Planning with Google Spreadsheets so Everyone is on the Same Page

Every detail is conveniently recorded and tracked in one place using a template that accounts for each aspect of your wedding plan. The information is stored in the cloud and easily shared with your fiancé and whoever else is assisting in your wedding planning. Just share the link via email and voila! View every detail and make edits or updates so everyone can see. Google spreadsheets automatically update and allow access wherever you are. Wedding planning with Google spreadsheets is an amazing tool that keeps everyone on the same page. (And did we mention it’s free?!)

All of Your Wedding Planning in One Easily-Accessed File

In addition, the spreadsheet provides sheets to manage your guest list, estimate your wedding budget, keep track of spending, and report progress on your to-do list. List possible venues and take notes of the location’s guest capacity, number of hours included in the rate, cost per guest, and any personal notes such as if there is a view or if a bridal suite is included. Put all of your caterer, photographer, videographer, florist, and entertainment options on their respective sheets to compare vendor details and save money.

Wedding Planning with Google Spreadsheets: the Modern Bride’s Solution for Organization

Another use of this spreadsheet is to modernize the shopping experience for bridesmaid dresses. Trying to arrange everyone’s schedule to go shopping is no easy task and might leave someone feeling left out if they can’t make it. On top of that, you may find yourselves browsing stores for hours with no luck and just wasting time. Instead, shop online for bridesmaid dresses and write descriptions with their URLs on the sheet! Share the document via email with your bridesmaids . And don’t forget to add bridesmaid accessory options. Your right-hand ladies will love that they are able to easily view and comment on potential bridesmaid dresses. They can even add dress options of their own to share back with you.

A Modern Solution for Wedding Photography

To further emphasize how Google spreadsheets can help modernize your wedding planning process, the Photography Groups section is worth the download in itself. Enter the names of each family member that need to be photographed together so that your wedding group photos are exactly the way you want them! There are designated spaces within the document for photo session numbers and family members to be in them.  This way, on the day of the wedding, your photographer can quickly announce the family members that are ready for photos. All you have to do is share access to the document with the photographer before the wedding day so they can be prepared and on the same page.

And for more wedding photography advice, read 5 Tips for Stress-Free Family Portraits at Your Wedding. No more awkward family relationship explanations to the photographer or wasted time during photo shoots…organize your groups of people with this spreadsheet!

Think of it as Wedivite’s Wedding Gift to You

And to save more time & money, don’t miss 10 Benefits of Using Online Wedding Invitations.

In summary, wedding planning with Google spreadsheets is the free tool you need! It will make organizing the biggest day of your life so much easier.

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