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Wedding Welcome Bag Ideas For An Island Destination Wedding


These wedding welcome bag ideas are sure to welcome your guests with delight! White sandy beaches, palm trees and crystal clear ocean, there’s nothing more romantic than an island wedding. For you and your guests, it means spending a few days together soaking up the sun and enjoying everything that goes along with island living. During this time, it is essential for you, as the host, to take care of your guests and make sure they are comfortable and happy so they can enjoy the celebrations as much as you do. Since you’re having a destination wedding, your guests probably won’t know the island, and you want to welcome them with some essentials to make their stay amazing. The best way to do this is with a wedding welcome bag, so here are a few awesome ideas add inside.

Welcome Letter

There’s nothing better than a warm welcome so add a personalized note to all welcome packs. You can keep it short and sweet, but let them know how happy you are to have them share this important moment with you. Add an extra special touch by using island themed stationery to write your note.

Detailed Itinerary

From the bachelor party and the rehearsal dinner to excursions and beach activities add a detailed itinerary to the welcome pack. Be sure to indicate which events are optional (like excursion you might plan for your guests), and the dress code for each event. An itinerary will help guests plan their stay on the island, as well as ensure that everyone is where they suppose to be, dressed appropriately and ready to have a fun time.

Local Snacks & Drinks

Help your guests avoid the minibar by filling their welcome packs with local snacks and drinks. You can literally add anything that you feel your guests might enjoy. From local chocolates and coffee to a bottle of wine and some beers, variety is key with these treats. If you don’t have time to try all the treats, ask your hotel or resort staff what their favorite snacks and drinks are.

Beach Essentials

Since your wedding is on an island, you can assume most guests will be out on the beach all day. Help your guests get comfortable and avoid some of the mishaps that come with being on an island. Add sunscreen and a sun hat to avoid sunburn, flip flops and sunglasses to keep them comfortable while on the beach, and a dry bag so their belongings dry.

Comfort Items

It is essential to keep your guests as comfortable as possible. To do this add a few comfort items to your wedding pack like scented bug repellent to avoid nasty insect bites, after sun lotion in case of sunburn, and a reusable water bottle and some cocktail vouchers for the hotel bar to keep your guests hydrated and happy. With islands usually having high humidity, add a portable fan to keep guests cool too.

Something To Do

Include an underwater camera and snorkel gear to your welcome pack to encourage guests to take full advantage of the ocean that surrounds the island. This will also give guests something to do while you finalize the last details of your big day or for those who don’t want to join on excursions.