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10 Wedding Theme Ideas That Will Have Your Guests In Awe


Planning your wedding will likely be one of the most important tasks that you undertake in your lifetime. Selecting the right theme for your wedding can be difficult with so many options. If you are having trouble coming up with a solution for your wedding, here are 10 wedding theme ideas to spark your creativity.

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Horror Themed Wedding

Horror-themed weddings are becoming more popular with the rise of popular TV shows that feature zombies, ghosts and other creatures from our darkest nightmares. To keep your wedding light and fun, consider asking the guests to dress up as well. You can even create special horror-themed treats to serve at the reception along with creepy music for the bride to make her entrance.

Fairy Tale Wedding

If you have been planning your wedding since childhood, then a fairytale wedding might be the perfect wedding theme for you. You don’t actually have to be a royal to enjoy the five-star treatment on your wedding day. You can create your dream wedding with a gorgeous princess-like gown and lavish catering at the reception. However, a tiara for your wedding gown is a must have to make this theme authentic.

Relaxed Beach Wedding

If having all of the traditional elements of a wedding don’t mean much to you, then a relaxed beach themed wedding might be a good idea. You should consider making your wedding a destination wedding and fly out to your favorite private retreat with just the guests that should absolutely be there. After the ceremony, have a beach bonfire party or head to the closest beachfront bar for drinks and food.

Adventure Themed Wedding

Adventure themed weddings are the perfect option for active couples and those that enjoy the outdoors. Instead of boring your guests with a long traditional ceremony, why not plan a ceremony at your favorite camping site or hiking trail? A scuba diving wedding or mountain climbing wedding can take your ceremony to new heights!

Gaming Themed Wedding

Do you consider yourself to be a geek or a nerd? If you really enjoy gaming, then this theme might be the right one for you. You can dress up as characters from your favorite card game or video game and get everyone to join in. What’s not to love about a wedding ceremony mixed with a bit of cosplay?

Rock n Roll Wedding

Have you seen Elvis? Rock out at your wedding with a rock n roll wedding. Gather up your favorite bands and play these classic tunes at your wedding. Depending on the decade of rock n roll that you select, you can have all of the big hair of the 80’s or take a walk down memory lane as you recall popular rock n roll bands from the 50’s and 60’s. For the reception, make sure to hire a DJ that can spin your favorite tunes and keep everyone dancing all night long!

Medieval Wedding

A medieval wedding is perfect as a wedding theme if you love the fashion and art from this period in time. Dress your knight in shining armor and get ready to surprise everyone with your lovely dress. You can even keep the medieval theme going with your wedding reception by creating fun wedding favors for your guests. You too can be the fairest of maidens when your prince comes to save you on your wedding day!

Carnival Wedding

If you are looking for a casual theme for your wedding that will take everyone by surprise, a carnival wedding is a perfect idea. You can set up game booths for your guests and even hire a few performers. For the ceremony, you can decorate the venue as a traditional carnival with carnival music as the entrance music for the bride. To top it all off, add some fun carnival treats to the reception menu.

Modern City Style Wedding

If watching a show like Sex In the City appeals to you more than these other quirky ideas for a wedding, having a modern city style wedding is a great way to add some sophistication and glamor to your wedding. Peruse the latest fashion and gourmet food magazines to find the latest trending items for your wedding. You can also look at some recent celebrity weddings to get ideas for your dress and the bridal party outfits. Instead of hosting your wedding in a backyard or church, consider finding a luxury venue to host the ceremony and reception.

The key to choosing a great theme for your wedding is to select something that you can create within your budget. In addition, you also want to make sure that you keep things light and fun for your guests so that there isn’t too much pressure on them. Many of these wedding theme ideas can be easily created with the expertise of a wedding planner or event company. In addition, because these ideas are unique, you also have the option to help create your dream wedding with a few DIY projects as well.

When it comes to planning your wedding, there is a theme idea for everyone. Don’t be afraid to put your own unique twist on these wedding ideas to suit your tastes. Never forget that as long as you are marrying the one you love, your wedding day will be awesome regardless of the theme that you select!