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DIY Wedding Decor: Turn Your Wedding From Drab To Fab


As we all know, weddings are expensive so finding ways to save some money is always welcome. Before you start rethinking your dress, venue, and cake, we have some simple DIY wedding decor tips that will turn your big day from drab to fab! Plus you will save some money and you can rope in your wedding party to help with the DIYs.

Dipped Cork Place Cards

Ask all your wine and champagne drinking friends and family to save up their corks and transform them into place cards. Dip half the cork in paints that match your wedding colors before cutting small incision on the top of each cork lid. You can then slip the place card into the incision to create this cool place card. If you can’t collect enough corks, you can buy them from your local craft store or online.  

Mr. & Mrs. Chair Banner

Add a little sparkle to your chair banner with this DIY wedding decor tip. Download a free printable banner template, use it as a guide to create foam letters and dip it in glitter! Punch holes on the letters and thread together with ribbon to create your chair banner! It’s that’s simple!

Paper Cone Tossers

Whether you choose rice, popcorn or rose petals, these easy DIY cone tossers are ideal for your wedding day. All you need is some pretty paper and a stapler. Simply roll the paper in a cone shape, staple it together and add whatever you wish to have tossed on you.

Framed Blackboard Signage

Framed blackboards have multi-functionality and are an easy DIY. All you need is a beautiful frame, a blackboard, and hot glue. Guests often throw away their programs away so to save on the printing costs and use a framed blackboard. You can carry on this theme by using framed blackboards for welcome signage and even your dining menu.

Mason Jar Cocktails

Instead of having the expense of an open bar, create a few signature cocktails, pre-mix them and have them ready to go in mason jars. To add an extra special touch, display the cocktails on a stand-alone shelf or bookcase for guests to pick off as they please.

Cute Kids Table  

Keep the little ones who are attending your wedding entertained with their own personalized kids’ table. Add fun activities like board games, balloons, crayons and coloring in books. Both you, the kids and their parents will appreciate it!

Hangover Kit

Everyone loves a creative wedding favor and giving them a hangover kit is ideal! It won’t only help them recover from their nasty hangover, but will definitely have a lot of laughs. Simply add headache tablets, a bottle of water and some mints to it.

Apple Planters Centerpieces & Aisle Liners

This one is super simple – all you need is some apples and planters! Fill the planters with apples and place them along the aisle or use them as centerpieces. This is perfect for a seasonal fall wedding where you’ll serve apple cider and apple pie.