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5 Ways To Keep A Pregnant Bride Comfortable On Her Wedding Day


Weddings are all about the party – good food, dancing and loads of alcohol – unless you’re pregnant. When you’re knocked up, weddings become an entirely different experience, especially for the bride. With a big belly, swollen feet and no control of your emotions (to name a few uncomfortable symptoms of pregnancy), your wedding day can be an absolute disaster if you’re a pregnant bride. But comfort is key so before you decide to call off your wedding for not feeling like yourself or in a flurry of frustration, here are five ways to stay comfortable on your big day.

Choose A Bump-Friendly Dress

Finding the perfect wedding dress that makes you look and feel beautiful is essential to you enjoying yourself during the wedding. It’s your fairytale moment so there’s no need for you to walk down the aisle in a frumpy potato sack. Think light, breathable, stretchy fabrics that will expand as your body does when it comes to your dress. If you’re wanting to hide your bump, an empire waist dress is ideal. But it is perfectly acceptable to celebrate being pregnant and show off your belly. Choose a wedding dress that hugs your stomach and the bundle of joy inside.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

Whether you’re pregnant or not, take our advice and wear comfortable shoes. To be perfectly honest, no one is looking at your shoes anyway (all eyes are on your dress and bump) so make sure they are comfortable, but still pretty. You are going to be on your feet for most of the day so wear cute sandals or ballet pumps that won’t give hurt you. And if you’re feet are swollen, you could even pack your cute shoes that will have you dancing the night away.

Wear Pretty Pregnancy Underwear

Forget the Spanx and opt for some pretty pregnancy underwear. What’s underneath your wedding dress is just as important as the dress itself. The most important thing is that they are comfortable and breathable.

Pack Snacks

Pregnancy cravings can get out of control, so to ensure that you are stocked up on snacks. Whether it is a jar of pickles, a couple of chocolate bars or some string cheese, get your bridesmaids to keep the snacks coming throughout the day. Also, ensure that the bar also serves some refreshing mocktails – the last thing you want is to sit around with a dry mouth when everyone else is getting buzzed at the open bar. Controlling your cravings will keep both you and your groom happy.

Take A Pillow

You’ll be standing a lot, but in the moments when you can just relax and have seat, make sure its a comfortable one. Bring along a pillow to avoid the hard church pews, make car rides a dream and your seat at the reception heavenly. Let your bridesmaids carry you pillow around for you – after all, their job is to keep you looking and feeling amazing.