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Why Bridezilla When You Can Bridechilla?


Move over, bridezilla! There’s a new species in town — bridechilla! So what exactly is a bridezilla? Determined to defy wedding world stereotypes, bridechilla remains calm, cool, and collected while planning her wedding. She rolls her eyes at seating charts and is focused on what matters most: her sanity and her relationships… because, honestly, all she really wants is a big party and a good time at the end of the day.

Instead of bridezilla, be bridechilla. Bridechilla knows all about wedding etiquette. She knows how to handle wedding guest problems and how to handle any wedding mishap with ease. Here are a few stress-busting strategies to remain as a cool as a cucumber in the months leading up to your big day:

Keep Dating Each Other

It’s easy to forget about what matters most in the midst of wedding planning mayhem: the two of you! If you’re too busy being a bridezilla over the budget and guest list, you’re not focusing on nurturing and growing your bond. Show your soon-to-be how totally bridechilla you can be by treating him to a relaxing date night. Grab a picnic basket, wine and cheese and watch the sunset at your local beach or book a romantic couples massage at your favorite spa. Better yet, stay in and practice your masseuse skills on one another. *Wink!*

Give Meditation & Yoga a Go

Bridezilla has a million and one thoughts racing through her mind. So, naturally, it’s easy to irritate her because she’s having a difficult time breathing and being still and present in her hectic world of hydrangea flower tablescapes and custom monogrammed napkins. A proven way to channel your inner zen vibes is through meditation and yoga practice. Bridechillas even have trendy mobile apps like Calm at the tip of their fingers!

Practice Self-Care

We unfortunately live in a world that makes us feel lazy or self-indulgent if we want to take some time to unwind and do absolutely nothing. Bridechillas, on the other hand, raise their middle finger to this nonsense societal shaming and deliberately practice self-care to reduce wedding planning stress. They make time to pamper themselves with bubble baths, pedicures, aromatherapy and plenty of shut-eye… because, after all, happy wife — happy life!

Eat Well & Stay Hydrated

There’s nothing that can cause bridezilla’s ugly head to rear than feeling hangry: hungry/angry. Unlike bridezilla, today’s bridechilla isn’t counting the calories because, hey, a girl’s gotta eat! She’s all about healthy eating and not at all obsessed with dropping unrealistic pounds because she knows she’ll slay the aisle on her special day, regardless. While Bridezilla’s busy downing cups of caffeine, you’ll find Bridechilla staying hydrated with plenty of H20 during the day, and at night, a glass of red wine or cup of calming camomile tea.

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