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6 Unexpected Wedding Ideas That Will Leave Your Guests In Awe

unexpected wedding ideas

What makes a wedding memorable are the unexpected moments and small gestures that make an everlasting impact. Whether you are having a whimsical garden wedding or a vineyard wedding, here are six unexpected wedding ideas that will definitely leave your guests in awe!

Have A Last Dance

unexpected wedding ideas

Before you and your new spouse leave the reception, take a moment and have a last dance. Kick all your guests out (in a kind way!), if you have to. Enjoy the moment with just the two of you. It is a beautiful time for the newlyweds to share and makes for some incredible photographs. Plus it is the perfect time for all your guests to gather outside with sparklers to wish them farewell.

Use A Wallpaper Accents

Wallpaper can transform any room in your home so why shouldn’t you use it as an accent at your wedding too. Forget the paper tassels and rosettes, and create a beautiful accent wall with wallpaper. It can be used as a backdrop for your ceremony, head table or photo booth. Depending on your wedding decor, you can use tropical, lush or elegant wallpapers. Here are some beautiful wallpapers that you can find on Amazon:

Tulip Wallpaper

Blooming Wallpaper

Graphic Wallpaper

Take A Mid-Ceremony Shot

With emotions and nerves running high, your wedding ceremony can get the better of you. To make things a little easier line up some shots of your choice to take during the ceremony. The shot can be taken just between the bride or groom or could be passed around for guests to join in on this moment. Add a little humor by doing it just before the vows.

Add A Touch-Up Bar

Wedding hair and makeup

Wedding days can be lengthy affairs, so there is always a bit of a commotion in and around the ladies room with girls wanting to fix their hair and makeup. To avoid this from happening and keep everyone looking their best, set up a touch up station. Stock the area with curling irons and make up for your guests to DIY it or hire a pro hairdresser and makeup artist to assist in the process. The perfect place to set it up is close to your photo booth.

Serve Mini Wedding Cakes

Instead of trying to cut your wedding cake and send everyone home with a piece, have mini wedding cakes made. It is the perfect party, and something guests can enjoy the next day. If your budget allows, you can have each guests name iced on the cakes. If your budget is tight, you can also opt for cupcakes that have the same look like your wedding cake.

Add A Turn-Down Service

unexpected wedding ideas

If you’re having a destination wedding or having all your guests staying in one place, add a turndown service. Leave a personalized note and a box of chocolates (or any other sweet treat) in your guests’ hotel rooms. It is the perfect way to end a wonderful evening.