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How to Make & Who to Cut From the Wedding Guest List

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Wondering who to cut from the wedding guest list? Picking who should and shouldn’t attend your wedding is probably one of the hardest things you and your partner will do. Add the pressure of parents wanting to invite their friends and random people asking to bring a plus one…it’s chaotic! Extended family members can have you pulling out your hair over a guest list. Make your life easier and set up some boundaries. Decide who should and shouldn’t be on your wedding guest list with these Wedivite pointers.

Wondering Who To Cut From The Wedding Guest List?

Have A Plan

It’s easy to just start writing names on a piece of paper, but this isn’t any guest list, its the one for your wedding! Once you know how many guests your wedding venue can accommodate, you can start working on your guest list. You will most probably end up having two lists which will include the following:

The Bride & Groom’s Guest List

Before you involve your families, you and your partner should come up with a guest list of your non-negotiable guests. Start with close family that you really want to be there before moving onto your nearest and dearest friends.

Your Parents’ Lists

Be sure to give each of your and your partner’s parents the same amount of people that they can add to the guest list. Let your parents use these seats as they like, but be clear on the fact that once they’ve used up their seats they can’t get any more. Giving your parents the opportunity to invite who they want whether it is their business partner or childhood friends makes them feel included in your special day.

Make Some Tough Decisions and Discuss Who To Cut From The Guest List

When it comes to choosing who will and won’t be invited, you have to make some tough decisions on the following:

Plus Ones

If you’re on a budget, having your cousin’s new boyfriend tag along to your wedding should be a no-no. If they haven’t been dating for two years, they’re not invited – unless you really get along with them. You could go to the extreme and apply the ‘no ring, no bring’ rule which means without an engagement/wedding ring, a plus one will not be invited!

An Ex

Yes, it is possible to be friends with your ex after your breakup, but do you really want them at your wedding? Imagine walking down the aisle and spotting someone you or your partner has a history with. Awkward!


Just because you work with someone, doesn’t make them your friend so why invite them to your wedding. If anyone from your workplace is invited, it should be your boss. If you do choose to invite a few friends from your office make sure you do so discreetly so you don’t offend anyone who is not. You don’t want who is and is not invited to your wedding to become the latest office gossip.


It’s entirely up to you and your partner whether you want your wedding to be kid-friendly or an adult celebration. On one hand, kids make for adorable photographs, but they can also cry uncontrollably in the most inappropriate moments. Once you’ve made up your mind regarding kids, stick to your decision because someone will call and ask if they can bring their kids along. And just for the record, a kid is anyone under the age of 12.