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7 Easy Eco-friendly Wedding Ideas for the Green Bride

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The health and sustainability of our planet are incredibly important. While planning a wedding, it’s easy to have tunnel vision focus on making the day as perfect as possible and forget about the environment. For all of the eco-friendly couples out there, we’ve found a way for you to have the best day ever while saving the planet. Here are some eco-friendly wedding ideas that are just as trendy as they are good for the environment.

Pick a Venue That Supports Sustainability

Find a location that is just as passionate about the environment as you are. Choose a venue that is LEED certified, is committed to using less electricity, or gets rid of food in an environmentally conscious way. Or, if you really want to show off your love for our planet, why not get hitched outside? Not only will you use less energy with less lighting, you’ll be surrounded by gorgeous greenery!

Think Green For Invites

With all of the extra accouterments needed for your wedding invitations (reply card, reply envelope, etc) the amount of paper can add up, especially if you’ve got a long guest list. Use an invitation company that relies on the use of recycled paper or better yet go digital. Online stationery provides (like us!) however can help you save money and trees with a free digital wedding invitation! Find a stationery business that shares your commitment to shrinking your carbon footprint.

Play Up The Vintage Look

Rather than buy a bunch of new decor for your wedding, embrace the vintage look and find some treasures at local flea markets. A vintage theme is on trend right now, and by incorporating those kinds of elements into your decor, you’re reducing waste. Things such as table linens, centerpieces and dozens of other items can be found in your local flea market or on Amazon. These eco-friendly wedding ideas will add a hint of charm and personality to your big day.

Recycle Flowers

Don’t toss your stunning floral arrangements as soon as the party’s over, there are dozens of local charities and companies who would kill to take your blooms off your hands. Orgs such as Petals With Purpose and Rebloom will resell them for you! You can also ask your wedding planner or a bridesmaid to call around to hospitals to see if they’re accepting donated flowers.


Another great eco-friendly wedding idea is to eliminate the use of cans and glass bottles by serving your beer straight from a keg. Don’t worry, you won’t give anyone college flashbacks, the beer inside can be your favorite craft beer or something high class. Not only will you reduce your waste but people can serve themselves!

Donate Extra Food

There is a shocking amount of food that goes to waste after a lot of weddings. Instead of trashing it, ask your caterer about taking it to a food bank or a homeless shelter. It will depend on their regulations but this eco-friendly wedding idea is definitely a better alternative than letting it all go to waste.

Register Eco-Friendly

Register for items that promote sustainable living. From stainless steel straws to energy saving lamps, there are tons of green products out there that help you keep the environment a healthy and happy place to be. Make sure your friends know that the sustainable products are on the top of your wish list.