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Pros & Cons Of An Outdoor Wedding to Determine If It’s Right For You


There are many pros and cons of an outdoor wedding, so it’s important to make sure it’s right for you. Whether you want a whimsical garden wedding, a beach wedding or an intimate backyard wedding, having an outdoor wedding can be magical. But, like most things in life, celebrating your love under the stars can have its downsides too. Before you book the perfect outdoor wedding venue, read up on the pros and cons of an outdoor wedding.


Celebrate Underneath The Stars

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Celebrate underneath the stars with these fairy lights strung in a tree. There’s nothing more romantic than a dark night lit up with twinkling lights. No matter the location, string up some fairy lights, add beautiful lanterns, and an outdoor fire pit. It will create the perfect atmosphere for a romantic night. Don’t forget the outdoor heaters in case it gets a little chilly.

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Stunning Scenery

An outdoor wedding allows you to take full advantage of the stunning scenery that surrounds you. Natural landscapes make for a beautiful backdrop for your wedding ceremony, reception, and your wedding photographs. You might even save on decor costs as the Mother Nature adds a fantastic visual aspect.

Beautiful Natural Lighting

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There is nothing more beautiful than using natural lighting in your wedding photographs. With sunset (golden hour) being the best time for pictures, make sure you hire a photographer that knows how to take full advantage of this time (and knows how to take stunning photos before and after sunset).

Family Friendly Atmosphere

If you plan to have children at your wedding, an outdoor wedding gives them enough space to run around and have fun. Set up a few lawn games that will keep the kids occupied and adults will love too. Don’t forget to stock the kids’ table with plenty of activities like coloring books and puzzles.

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A Back-Up Weather Plan is Necessary (One of the Biggest Cons of an Outdoor Wedding)

Weather can be unpredictable and having an outdoor wedding put you and guests at Mother Nature’s mercy. Rain, wind and even snow can turn your magical night into a disaster. It is essential that you plan for unpredictable weather and make sure you have a marquee, umbrellas, raincoats, and blankets on standby.

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Rental Equipment Costs Add Up

Outdoor wedding venues usually come with nothing so you’ll need to rent everything which could set you back a few thousand dollars. From lighting and a dance floor to portable restrooms and tables and chairs, you’ll need to think about it all.

Unwelcome Bugs

Depending on your wedding venue you might have some uninvited guests – bugs! The last thing you want is mosquitoes, flies and other insects buzzing around your guests and the buffet and other food. To avoid this, make sure you have bug repellent and cover the food when needed.

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Last on the List of Cons of an Outdoor Wedding…Reservations Need to Be Booked Further In Advance

During the warmer season, outdoor wedding venues get booked up fast. It is often hard to book a beautiful outdoor venue so not to be disappointed make sure you book way in advance (a year would be ideal).

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